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Need help?

If you aren't comfortable with linux or computers in general then please reach out to a loved one and ask them to look through this content with you.

It will be best to find someone who is capable to operate these services for your family/community.

level up, create your family a meta-kingdom.

this guide will walk you through creating a space where the code and references available throughout my tutorials will work and make sense.

After following this setup guide, you will have

  • Family/Community disaster action plans
  • Recovery seed keys and instructions
  • A home communications server (matrix synapse)
  • A hosted matrix chat app (element)
  • A hosted zoom like conference (jitsi)
  • A hosted sandstorm instance
  • koad:io with an entity
  • An environment where you rest assured is safe from external custodians
  • An environment where you can create and host future web sites/services

Once complete, you will have everything in place to enjoy private and reliable interaction with your loved ones in unique spaces for the many contexts in your life.

These things can be used to identify and verify your loved ones as well as interact with them with the knowing that you are interacting with the right person.