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The future is invite only.

by koad.

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Sovereignty in the Digital Age: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Building a Secure Online Community

Hitching a Ride to Digital Sovereignty: How to Create a Private Online Community for Your Closest Connections

The Hitchhiker's Path to Digital Sovereignty: Creating a Safe Space for Your Inner Circle


In a world where online communication has become ubiquitous and the lines between private and public have become blurred, it can be challenging to find a digital space that feels truly secure and trustworthy. This is where "The Future is Invite Only" comes in.

Written by an experienced guide who has created their own invite-only network, this book is a powerful guide to building a private digital homebase for yourself and your loved ones. Using a pledge-based framework and a focus on building trust, this guide will walk you through the steps of creating your own exclusive digital community.

At the heart of this book is the belief that creating a secure digital space requires intentionality, care, and a commitment to building strong relationships. The author offers practical tips and tools for setting boundaries, communicating effectively, and cultivating a culture of trust and mutual support within your online community.

Whether you're looking to build a secure digital space for your family, friends, or colleagues, "The Future is Invite Only" provides a powerful roadmap for creating a truly sovereign and trustworthy online community. So, dive in, learn from the author's experiences, and begin building your own digital safe haven today.

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