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What is a mainnet

What is a mainnet?

In the context of blockchain technology, a mainnet refers to the live or official version of a blockchain network where real transactions can take place. A mainnet is launched after the completion of development and testing on a testnet or a series of testnets. The mainnet is considered the "production" version of the blockchain network and is the one that users interact with to conduct transactions and participate in the network.

Once a mainnet is launched, it becomes the permanent and immutable version of the blockchain network, which means that any transactions or changes made on the mainnet are permanent and cannot be altered or reversed.

What is a testnet?

A testnet is a testing network that allows developers to test new features and functionalities of a blockchain without risking any actual assets. Testnets are designed to mimic the main blockchain network, but with a few key differences. One of the most significant differences is that the testnet tokens used for testing have no actual value and are not traded on exchanges.

Testnets can be public or private, and they typically use a different cryptocurrency or token than the mainnet. They are used to test the functionality and security of new blockchain protocols before they are deployed on the mainnet. By running tests and simulations on a testnet, developers can identify and fix bugs and vulnerabilities in the code without putting the mainnet or its users at risk.