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You name it

Give it all a name

To help your mind organize your digital world, it is important to give everything meaningful names. You will have a better understanding of where and what makes up your digital space.

How I do it

Here are the names of some of my things.


have names of places, because you will store your thing there, in a place.

  • pieye : my raspberry pi that runs pihole, my eyes inside my local area network (LAN)
  • wonderland : this is my current daily driver. Its name is wonderland so my screenshots look good when I share things that alice can do

External Storage

named in a way where you can identify it physically, so I know for sure what drive I am using in the file explorer

  • ROG1T : My USB-C external storage, 1TB in size and installed in an Asus ROG enclosure.

For USB drives, I will colour the side of them with a sharpie and label them with that colour because otherwise they would all look the same.

  • K4GREEN : My 4GB kingston USB drive with the green sharpie marks on it
  • K4GOLD : My 4GB kingston USB drive with the gold sharpie marks on it

Green for the money, gold for the honey.

Folders and Repos

named by description, with dashes instead of spaces.

Image title

There is no mistaking the contents of the folder/repo.

  • last-will-and-testament
  • linux-desktop-launchers


My replacement for Siri, Alexia and that other double agent.
(a folder for a category of projects)

has people names, because I address them in the same way.
ie: >alice gather

  • marsha : a folder that contains the canadaecoin projects
  • pandora : a folder that contains the ecoincore projects
  • astro : a folder that contains my personal projects
  • alice : Alice is a reference version of a koad:io entity that I use to showcase the koad:io methodology.


don't just play as a non participating observer; make your techno-space something that is truely yours; truely you.

Be intentional and keep it organized.