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Kingdom general

You can use the search to navigate this content.

Included are several keyboard shortcuts that make it possible to navigate this content via keyboard. There're two modes:


This mode is active when the search is focused. It provides several key bindings to make search accessible and navigable via keyboard:

* ++arrow-down++ , ++arrow-up++ : select next / previous result
* ++esc++ , ++tab++ : close search dialog
* ++enter++ : follow selected result


This mode is active when search is not focussed and when there's no other focussed element that is susceptible to keyboard input. The following keys are bound:

* ++f++ , ++s++ , ++slash++ : open search dialog
* ++p++ , ++comma++ : go to previous page
* ++n++ , ++period++ : go to next page

Areas of Focus

You likely already have some of these items so I know you are able.

One by one, just keep learning just one more component.

  • contact book
  • calendar
  • email
  • sms/text


  • inbox
  • action support material
  • action list
  • project list


  • social proofs
  • encrypted messenger
  • encrypted files
  • family and private git
  • family and private chat
  • family and private key:value store


  • powerbox authentication
  • on the fly sandboxes
  • invite only technology


  • keyring
  • cache-box


  • homeserver
  • integrations


  • positive mental attitude


  • willingness to let things go
  • abolishing limiting beliefs
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