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Faith over fear

proof is not trust

trust is not possible within digital arenas, only proof is valid science.

in a world of instant flows of ideas, it is prudent that you consider the following..

a kings creed for his digital kingdom

your mind space is sacred, do not pollute it with unknown sources
your mind space is sacred, do not pollute it with known false sources

your digital space is an extension of your mind space, keep it curated, keep it clean
your digital devices are actors within your digital space, devices with some other king's source are agents of those kings

individual freedoms are paramount, the collective kingdom's freedoms rely on them.

use another kingdom's communication services to the determent of your privacy
your kingdom should be self-resilient in all things, do not depend on other kingdoms to keep your house in order

an alliance without trust is weak

trust has no place in digital spaces, it is only for human relationships.
proof is easy with maths, cryptographic systems are your first line of defense.

inspired action happens when the kingdom is organized and prepared to create.

faith over fear,

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