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My sweetest friend

If you are a low-tech person, it would benefit you the most to take a pass through the first half of the getting started guide and learn how to protect yourself against scammers.

Under Contstruction

These pages come from the depth of decades worth of exploration and play. They are not complete nor are they expected to ever become complete.

If you want to contribute knowledge please find your way to where you can fork and submit pull requests.


It's all in your mind; Your files and folders are being tracked by your mind and therefore are an extention of your mind. Organizing thoughts includes organizing files/folders. Your projects, project support material and thoughts are all the same thing.

The rise of a new dimension of space-time.

You can now build things and ideas in a space that is eternal (files/folders don't ever have to die/entropy). The singularity will happen to you when you let your brain enjoy the tools of this new space-time and join others in communities of like mind. Your work done today can be built upon by future versions of yourself; provided it has been collected, processed, organized, reviewed and acted on. This process is the key.

Keep it simple and stupid.

Simple single-use apps can be tied together in your mind and project boards. You do not need or want any all-in-one app or device which will always result in less capable overall abilities.

Thoughts become things

  • these are your projects
  • a project is an idea that drives you to action

projects can be inspired at any time, prepare to capture them and push them into a reliable system to accomplish any actionable items that are required to complete the project and achive your desired goals.

Organized Reality.

You likely already don't remember any phone numbers, because you trust your system and your mind has been able to let it go.

The more you can just get it done in the moment the more you will get done. If will out perform your competition and most certainly achieve more of what you want to achive in life.

The time is Now.

1) Organize your projects with GTD.
2) Get into alignment with your projects using the amazing power of deliberate intent.

then, and only then, attempt to digitize your world.

Once you are up to speed, come play with me!
1. Send me a DM on Keybase >
2. Send me a DM in the Matrix >

stay free




I'm not talking to you, I am talking to myself here. The content within is not intended to constitute advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard on the internet.

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