Lets encrypt wildcard cert

variable Description
CATCHALL_DOMAIN_NAME A domain name that has a catchall funnel; used to generate inbound email addresses on the fly. Useful for identifing the source an inbound email message and any potential data breaches. ie: you give HR Block an email address of hr-block@$CATCHALL_DOMAIN_NAME and when one arrives from a scammer then to the HR block address, you know HR block was captured or breached
WILDCARD_DOMAIN_NAME A domain name that can be used to listen on all subdomains. Useful for being able to generate sandboxes and host them securely without having to deal with configuration files and certificates. Also used behind closed doors in private area network overlays to allow secure browser connections within local area networks where certificates are hard generate acme challenges

prepare your env vars

export CATCHALL_DOMAIN_NAME=zvaniga.com

call letsencrypt for a new cert

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "Attempting to generate cert for domain $WILDCARD_DOMAIN_NAME"
echo "Using $LE_NOC_EMAIL as TOS email"
sudo certbot certonly --manual --preferred-challenges=dns --email $LE_NOC_EMAIL --agree-tos -d *.$WILDCARD_DOMAIN_NAME -d $WILDCARD_DOMAIN_NAME

Make your changes in your DNS, then can watch for them to take effect before proceeding with acme challenge checking.

watch -n 30 dig -t txt _acme-challenge.$WILDCARD_DOMAIN_NAME

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